More Cowbell


Everyone familar with the classic SNL skit starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell knows ” More Cowbell ” will cure all that ails you. Apparently Jon Fishman, the drummer from Phish knows it too. He recently secured himself a place in the Guinness World Book of Records for ” Largest Cowbell Jam ” ever assembled. Over 1600 people gathered together in downtown Burlington, Vermont to jam on such cowbell heavy favorites as ” Time Has Come Today ” by the Chambers Brothers and of course the Blue Oyster Cult classic, ” Don’t Fear the Reaper. ” Not only did they set a world record, they also raised money for flood relief caused by Hurricane Irene last summer. You can read about it (and watch the video) at Burlington Free Press:

Watch Fishman kill it on ” Don’t Fear the Reaper “:

Never underestimate the mighty power of the cowbell. Message to Obama, we know you’re facing tough times in this reelection year. If you’re wondering how to proceed, take our advice…



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