So I was only joking about being blackmailed by someone threatening to post a sex tape of me online ( but I am currently holding auditions for leading ladies if any budding porn starlets out there are interested. ) Even so I am learning that you better be careful about what you blog about. Someone just anonymously e-mailed ” compromising ” pictures of me hanging out in what’s purported to be a ” tranny bar. ” Touche, sir. Ok, first of all I used to play there when it was a rock club. Second of all, I’m still friends with the owner and stop in sometimes to say hello. So what? If you were confident and secure in your sexuality in the first place why would people who are GLBT pose a threat? ( GLBT stands for Gay Lesbian Bi Transgendered if you’ve been living under a rock. ) It’s the 21st century people, get with the program. It’s not cool to discriminate against anyone because of their sexual orientation. Recent studies have shown that 10% of the male population are born homosexual ( and another 5% are sucked into it. ) Ok so there’s no denying the obvious…I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body! We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!

The soul is eternal and beyond gender. So unlike the Immoral Majority and the deluded Christian Right, we here at Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries are preaching a message of love and acceptance. As the banner reads, SPACE HIPPIE LOVES YOU MAAAN!!!

( p.s. now can I please get the negatives back? )


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