Wanna Wanee?


Every year I go to Wanee Fest, a hippie music festival in Northern Florida and every year I ask my friends if they want to go with me. It’s a mini Woodstock not anywhere near big as say Bonnaroo, a bunch of hippies living in tents in the woods, tripping and dancing ’til the wee hours every night. What can I say they don’t know what they’re missing! I always see lots of people I know there and make friends where ever I go. Wanee is hosted by the Allman Brothers Band and is kind of like their own personal family reunion for them and their friends. This year it was them and Furthur, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead’s band, and Hot Tuna which were the guys from Jefferson Airplane. These guys having been playing music together since the 60’s and are all now in their 60’s and even though people are still getting crazy and dropping acid and whatnot it’s still a very wholesome family friendly event. The original Woodstock generation are now grandparents and it’s not unusual to see them there with their kids and their kid’s kids. It was good to get there nice and early and set up my tent. Within minutes of walking through the parking lot to the show someone laid a ten strip on me and a bunch of beautiful barefoot young girls with hula hoops saw me and yelled out ” hey Space Hippie, where’s your guitar? ” (  It’s good to be me. ) These are my people and it felt like a family reunion for sure. Not only did all my favorite bands play but it was 4 – 20 weekend to boot! Sure a little rain, a little mud, but that is to be expected. Ok so I’ve got a joke for you…how many hippies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Hippies don’t screw in lightbulbs, man, they screw in sleeping bags! ha ha…so you wanna go next year?

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write on maaan,

Space Hippie


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