Passed Out Photos


You know the story, you and a bunch of your friends are having a party getting drunk and you drink too much and pass out and your friends draw pictures of cocks in permanent marker on your face, stick things up your nose, and cover you in shaving cream or worse much worse ( what can I tell you? Americans are weird.  ) As they say it’s all fun and games til yer picture ends up on the internet. And nowadays they do with increasing regularity. Now there’s whole websites devoted to them. ( one of my favorites is Passed Out Photos: )

Sure anybody can put makeup on some dude then take a picture while they’re resting their nutsack on his forehead but let me tell you there are people out there taking this art to a whole other level. There are many schools today, yes some cruel and humiliating, some harmlessly fun, all relentlessly creative. Take a look as I guide you through the today’s gallery of Passed Out Photos ( courtesy of ) the PLACE for your passed out photo enjoyment. ( thanks guys )

There’s the new school of the harmlessly artistic:

the Avante Garde…

Creative use of Fruits and Vegetables…

I thought it just was a stupid white people thing but apparently black people do it too…

as well as certain segments of the Asian community…

There’s the ” too cool for school ” intellectuals….

and those who stack furniture upon their victims…

as well as other items…

…so next time you pass out be it in on the beach or in your own living room, if you have any friends with cameras in the vicinity BEWARE!!! Your photo may just might end up on the internet.


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