strumming on your singhi sarangi…


A singhi sarangi in a bowed string instrument, with it’s roots in antiquity. It’s originated from the Rajasthani region of India. The sindi sarangi three main strings are made of goat intestine and 23 sympathetic strings are made of steel. While it’s played an important role in India’s Hindustani classical music tradition, sarangi players are going the way of the dodobirdie. Makers of the singhi sarangi are even more of an endangered species.

The sound of the sarangi is otherworldly. Sarangi is a the combination of two Hindu words, sau (hundred) and rang (colors) meaning the instrument of a 100 colors. The sarangi players were court musicians for the Rhajputs, the Hindu ruling warrior class that remained in power til India’s independence in 1947. Nowadays it’s a lot harder for a sarangi player to get a gig. There are people out there trying to preserve the tradition like Amarass Records. ( )                                                                                                                                                                               N.P.R. did a story on them, check it out:  

Of course there’s still sarangi players out there keeping the tradition alive.This is Kashif Ahmed, a Sarangi player from Delhi,his mobile number is 009-199-1021-6964 and 009-198-116-85747, book him for your next party !

and here’s famed sarangist Lakha Khan :


( ;

write on,

Space Hippie

p.s. if you want to try a musical experiment open these links  ( they’re all the same link of Lakha Khan playing a sarangi ) one at a time, waiting what ever interval you choose. It could be minutes, seconds, microseconds. Just keep opening the links til they’re all playing at once…you’ll see GOD!




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