Recovering Catholic


Ok so this past Sunday was Easter Sunday. Does anybody know if Jesus saw his shadow? I heard if Jesus came out of his tomb and saw his shadow that would mean 500 more years of Christianity. I certainly hope not. I was raised Christian ( specifically Catholic…does that count? ) I’ve read the Bible more than once ( it’s the only thing they give you to read in jail. ) Growing up I was forced to go to church. I went to Sunday school, I was an altar boy, the whole enchilada. When I got older and found out what those priests had been doing to those altar boys, I was furious. I was an altar boy and they never even looked at me twice. How insulting! I think I looked pretty good when I was 12. Anyway I am now a recovering Catholic. I go to 12 step meetings for recovering Catholics. We meet right across the street from St. Alphonso’s. If you want to come by and pick up a white chip, it’s an unconsecrated host. As they say in the program…one day at a time, keep coming back.


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