Save the Whales


It was now the 12th grade and I found myself once again in the office, but this time not because I was in trouble. I had pretty much embraced the advice to ” straighten up and fly right ” after nearly getting my self kicked out of school. I had brought my grades up and even made the honor roll. I was there to do the morning announcements. If you signed up to do the morning announcements for a week you got extra credit in acting arts class. You all remember the morning announcements. That’s when they recite the Pledge of Allegiance and tell you what they’re having in the cafeteria that day. The week went by without a hitch even though I was still stoned from the daily wake and bake sessions by the flag pole but that Friday when I showed up to do them I was tripping pretty hard ( shit happens… ) So the way it was set up was there was a microphone in the office when you spoke in to it you could be heard all over the school. There was a slight delay that made it extra trippy.You could hear yourself bouncing off the walls and down the hall. I would stand there and read the announcements off of index cards while Mr. Mitch sat at a desk a few feet away looking disinterested. On that last day, I had concocted a scheme with one of my friends to slip a few fake announcements into the pile and now I was chickening out. Then came the moment of truth and while he sat right there. Mr. Mitch’s face showed no recognition when I calmly announced to the entire school that ” Pink Floyd would be holding a benefit Save the Whales concert after school in the auditorium “.  Believe me it was the talk of the school. Later that day I overheard some freshman excitedly talking about it. I wasn’t around to see their faces when the realised they’d been had.


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