the other Glen(n)…


ok so were skipping over a bunch of stuff here like being caught smoking a bong ( made in shop class of course! ) in the woods by Carducci and me pushing him over and  running away and Brad staying, hiding it somehow under his jacket and getting off for just cutting class,  and of course me the smoking area and pouring orange juice on Rankevich’s head but I got off on that didn’t I? Ok so it was now it was the 11th grade and Mr. Mitch my administrator ( and G.Q. cover boy look alike ) called me into his office one day. At this point we had a long storied relationship. Hell he had even unsuccessfully testified against me in court! He sat me down, offered me a mint and then proceeded to harangued me about cutting my social studies class. I couldn’t help but laugh, I wasn’t even in that class  I kept protesting even though he kept insisting I was regularly cutting it. This went on for awhile and I admit I was really starting to enjoy it when a figure appeared in the doorway. ” Glen Allen is hear to see you, ” his secretary said over the intercom. I remember that exact moment when I looked up and saw him…the other Glen(n) Allen.  He was a big guy with longish reddish brown hair, jeans and a t-shirt, definitely a Hesshian. It seems he had just transferred from some other school where he got it trouble with a capital T and yes he was the one cutting the class not me ( at least that one! ) So now there were two Glenn Allen’s ( he spelled it with one n )  We became the best of friends. It got stranger from there I assure you.

So when I went to high school there was two Glenn Allen’s. The big one and the little one. You can GUESS which one I am. Anyway everyone knows this and casually refers to me as little Glenn in reference to the two of us. We were as different as night and day but still the same in a way. Big Glen lived in Arden and his parents were from Germany. Drove a big Harley. Big Glen took off on a motorcycle to California and that’s the last anybodies heard from him.


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