Fourth of July Smoke In


1980, that summer was the first time me and my buddies went to the Fourth of July Smoke In in Washington D.C. Back then during the Carter administration, the Smoke In coexisted peacefully with all the other July Fourth festivities. Every year the Beach Boys played in the National Mall and then there would be an incredible fireworks show and in the middle of all that was the annual Smoke In.


At the concert, they tossed out joints to the crowd then we all marched in the parade with all the other groups, smoking pot as we made our way down Pennsylvania Ave. That year it was hilarious because my friend’s little sisters had tagged along and as we marched in the parade, they stood on the side yelling at him ” I’m going to tell Mom!? ” It turned out to be an end of an era because the next year, Reagan took office and Wayne Newton played and all the Smoke In people got busted.


….of course that didn’t stop the Fourth of July Smoke In and still happens every year. This year will be the 43rd annual!

here’s the website:

The FOURTH OF JULY HEMP COALITION (FJHC) is regognized as a 501(a) non-profit by the IRS and is registered as an organization in good standing with the District of Columbia. Contributors are grassroots volunteers. FJHC is free organization and based upon an individual’s desire to reform drug policy. Funding for the FJHC actions, newsletter and this website come from donations collected at our vending table, website, mail order sales of items related to our cause, benefit concerts and contributions from volunteers like YOU! To find out about upcoming Hemp Coalition events, check out our Events Page.

Primary Purpose
In addition to networking with and endorsing local drug policy reform groups and activities, the FJHC’s primary purpose is to fund and organize the:

The FJHC endorses; Americans for Safe Access, Cannabis Action Network, Hemp Industries Association, Common Sense For Drug Policy, DRCNet, Students For Sensible Drug Policy, Cures Not Wars and the Harm Reduction Network, Rock Against Racism, F.A.M.M., NORML and its affiliated chapters. We recommend that you support these groups and organizations. For more information please contact or call us at:
Fourth of July Hemp Coalition
Attn: John Pylka
P O Box 5513
Washington DC 20016
(202) 251-4492




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