Very, Very High School


I recently reconnected on Facebook with a bunch of old friends from high school and it got me thinking about all the crazy shit we used to do. I clearly remember walking to school that very first day, smoking pot as we walked down the middle of the street. I was definitely stoned everyday, smoking pot and doing acid. Hey it was the 70’s all the kid’s were!  For further reference see ” That 70’s Show” or  ” Dazed and Confused ”  ( the movie not the Led Zeppelin song… )


Well not all the kids were getting high. There were two main divisions, the jocks and the heads. The jocks had their section of the cafeteria and the heads had their’s over by the smoking area. Yes you could smoke in high school back then and smoke we did. Every morning before class, all the heads would convene in the smoking area and smoke a few bowls around the flag pole. You could buy anything in the smoking area, pot, quaaludes, l.s.d., p.c.p., ( no coke this was B.C. before coke! )


Many a day I would blow my lunch money on a hit of Purple Dragon or Blue Unicorn and trip the rest of the day. Unlike my peers who would cut school and get high, I would actually go to class! I spent most of my time drawing elaborate doodles on my folders and daydreaming when I was supposed to be paying attention. Some of them turned out to be great works of art if I do say so myself and I am considering having a retrospective of all my drug inspired artwork from high school one day. ( I’ll keep you posted. ) If you’re wondering, yes I did actually graduate ( most of my friends dropped out ) but not before being suspended, arrested, and committed ( just that once ) and as you know I went on to graduate from college and live happily ever after. How could someone that stoned out of there minds graduate? All will be revealed as we begin very, very High School Week here at Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries…so stay tuned.




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