Busted at 7-11!


All of freshman year in high school, me and my little juvenile delinquent friends would meet behind the 7 -11, get high in the woods then walk to school. My friend Charlie ( yes, the same one that got in trouble with me for disrupting the eighth grade with our punk rock antics ) had an amazing ability to shoplift almost anything and would invariably come out of the 7 -11 with a box of donuts or twinkies stuffed down his pants for us to munch on on the way to school. This was our daily routine and went on until the spring semester until one day as we just finished getting stoned and were walking past the 7 – 11, an odd little man in a trench coat grabbed us by the arm stating, ” I am an undercover officer. I have been observing you with binoculars. You are all under arrest. ” I’ll be damned if he didn’t know exactly who had what on them. One of us had a pipe and another had a teeny, tiny amount of pot in a corner of a baggie. It turns out a nosy neighbor ( Bradley Bechtel’s mom! ) had been snooping on us for sometime and turned us in. So we got busted and they took us down to the police station where the undercover cop started questioning us. He looked a lot like Pee Wee Herman, tall and skinny with a crew cut, like a relic from the 1950’s or something. We had a hard time keeping a straight face as he grilled us like he just made the bust of the century. At least me and Charlie did. One of the other guys with us had just started hanging around us. He was a momma’s boy who still wearing the Winnie the Pooh shirts she picked out for him to wear ( I am not making this up. ) He looked like he was going to cry. So they kept asking us where we got the dope and I made up some story about how we bought it from some guy at the mall and no we didn’t know his name. In the end we ended up getting off with a reprimand. We only had a minscule amount of pot on us anyway. Six months later I was at thje mall shopping with my Mom and I spotted the undercover guy lurking about still working that ” hot tip ” I had given him I guess! So that was my first arrest I was in 9th grade and I got off easy. Unfortunately it didn’t end there and in 10th grade I really got my self in trouble…


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