So You Think You’re A Deadhead?


let’s play a game where I quote the lyrics from a song by the Grateful Dead and then you guess which song it’s from ( answers at the bottom of the page )

1. ” Doctor call me crazy, some say I am some say I ain’t ”

2. ” Drink all day, rock all night, law come to get you if you don’t walk right… ”

3.”  the shoe is on the hand that fits ”

4. ” the bus came by, and I got on, that’s when it all began, with Cowboy Neal at the wheel to the bus trip to NeverNeverland ”

( you get extra points if you can tell me Cowboy Neal’s last name, p.s. I don’t think they were going to Micheal Jackson’s ranch either )

5. ” When life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door ”

6. ” Copper dome bodhi, drip a silver kimono, like a crazy quilt stargown through a dream night wind ”

7. ” I bought you a paddle for your paper canoe ”

8. ” Lady finger dipped in moonlight, writing what for across the morning sky ”

9. ” the sky was yellow and the sun was blue ”

10. ” the kids they dance and shake their bones, while the politicians throwing stones ”

ok no cheating scroll down for the answers…

1. New Mingle Wood Blues

2. Tennesee Jed

3. Touch of Grey

4. The Other One

5. Uncle John’s Band

6. China Cat Sunflower

7. Cosmic Charlie

8. St. Stephen

9. Scarlet Begonias

10. Throwing Stones


10 – 8 correct: you are a Gratefully Deadicated head!

7 – 5 correct: you are on the bus!

4 – 1 correct: you and your frat buddies probably saw the Touch of Grey video on MTV and went to the show to try to score drugs and/or pick up hippie chicks.


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  1. some say i’ma dedhed, some sez i is, some say i aint, iwas a blonde now a redhead, still wanmna be a God mad saint, see you at the crossroads 12am n dont be late, look at yer crazy fingers find yer fate.
    love ya all, sorry bob, i was young , dumb n on the run. still, ya had me at El Paso. n i was chased with hellhounds on my trail. set out runnin’ now i take my time, start it had me coming, then it stole my rhyme, revenge is just a young punk, took you by that strong junk, least you’re not a drunk, i miss you anywaves, seer you at the next show you can comp me on, in canada. jay p. king is who ya leave it under, plus one would be sweet. backstage, vip! blessed be. live long and prosper. need input for Scorseses upcoming visual/audio entheogenically, etc. God Bill, i miss you every day.

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