the OTHER side of the story…


Remember there’s always another side to the story. All you hear is the gossip, the bad stuff. They bad mouth me and say I’ve been in jail but nobody goes around saying I’m a University of Miami alumn. Or that I was at adjunct faculty at Nova Southestern for over a dozen years teaching at their School of Osteopathic Medicine. Or I was the Associate Director of the CAMM ( the Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana ) and spearheaded the Florida referendum campaign.  Not only have I been a music teacher as well for over twenty years but also am a certified yoga instructor. I taught yoga for Broward County Parks and Recreation for five years. I started their yoga program first at Secret Woods and then Anne Kolb Nature Center, and T.Y. Park ( Topeekeegee Yugnee! ) Sure they found out I was a convicted felon and I lost my job but I’m proud to say at least some of those classes are still going. What else…I practice reiki and qi gong. I read tarot and studied the I Ching. I’m somewhat of an afficionado on all things metaphysical. I live at the library ( not literally but a long time ago I did! ) I love reading. I am true book worm. I’m sure I’ve read several thousands of them. I am a Scrabble fiend and once got a 170 point word. I am an accomplished musician who has shared the stage with such luminaries as Bobby Keys, the saxophonist for the Rolling Stones and the Avett Brothers. I have played all over Florida and beyond, from Key West to New Orleans to New York and back. I’ve had songs on the radio. As I said I am very proud of my music. I will always play music but I would like one day to become a real writer. I have written a bunch of songs that I’m really proud of but writing a book must take such discipline, which I don’t have…yet.  For now I’ll blog.

hey check out the link to Secret Woods website:


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