Talking Dog For Sale



I was looking in the classifieds for an apt. when I came across this ad. ” Talking Dog For Sale, speaks four languages, only $50 ” I figured what the fuck, I’ll call and see if it’s for real. So I call the guy up and he assures me it’s for real, do I want to come over and see the dog? So I drive over there and he tells me the dog’s in the backyard. I’m thinking this has to be a joke, I’m on some hidden camera show. Then I walk in the backyard and there the dog is. First thing out of his mouth is ” are you here because of the ad? ” I am speechless. ” You do talk, you’re a talking dog! So what’s your story?” The dog tells me, ” I discovered I could talk when I was really young and I wanted to help out my country so I joined the C.I.A. In no time they had me jetting all over from country to country spying on world leaders. No one would ever suspect a dog of eavesdropping. I was their most valuable spy for years but all that jetting around wore me out so I retired and married, settled down and had a bunch of puppies…  ” I can’t believe what I’m hearing! I walk back in the house and ask the owner, ” this dog is amazing, how come you only want $50 for him?” He replies,” because he’s a bullshitter, he’s never even left the yard! “



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