Papal BULL!!!


Today is February 29th. Every 4 years ( what we call a leap year ) there is one extra day in February. In my case I get one extra day to move all my shit  and get the fuck out. Yes, I am being evicted from my haunted cottage. Where I will go? Who knows? I’m putting all my guitars and books and records in storage and getting the fuck out of dodge. Why am I being evicted you ask? Long story but the gist is the slumlord I rent from never made any repairs, never took care of the yard, treated the place like it was his private dump, moved his boat into the backyard, etc. etc. and I couldn’t take it anymore. So it wasn’t necessarily because the ancestral Tequesta Indian spirits that lived there were getting to me…( they were. )

So back to this whole leap year thing. One extra day every 4 years? What? You probably get the impression that the Gregorian calendar isn’t the most accurate way to tell time. It was a Papal bull, an edict from the Pope back in 1582. One day the Pope says, ok people today’s date is such and such ( to the consternation of calendar makers everywhere ) and they had no choice but to go along his bull. Of course that only affected those unfortunate souls that lived in Christendom A.D. ( move ) Everywhere else to this very day…it’s just a bunch of PAPAL BULL!

read more about the origins of the Gregorian calendar here:

p.s. don’t click here:


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  1. Funny how the guy with the fish-god hat got to tell everyone what to do. Anyway, rock on to your next residence wherever it may be, I’m planning on making it out to Hollywood Beach to see you play sometime in March, probably on St. Patrick’s if the little green spacemen don’t keep me away.

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