Dear Faithful, I know you’re all hungry for some fresh blog but Daddy just don’t have the time no more, too busy playing on the beach with Crazy Bill, every night and every day, trying to make a buck. Season only lasts so long so I’m working my ass off and one day soon I just might be a big star here in Hollywood. That would be in Hollywood, FLORIDA not Hollywood, Cali-forn-i-a. Hollywood, Florida if you don’t know has a beach. Hollywood,California just got a bunch of beeches.

We’ve been playing a lot on Dania Beach too. That’s just north of Hollywood Beach where A1A ends. We play at Dania Beach Grill and this Friday Hollywood ( the one in Cali) is coming to town. They’re shooting a major motion picture called Exposure there starring former Lost Boy, Corey Feldman.Yes’m the COREY FELDMAN!!! ( ha ha ha… that fucker better bring his own blow this time ) Anyway if you want to be in the movie, then show up. That’s this Friday Februray 10th.  We start playing at noon. For more info call Dania Beach Grill at (954) 923-4148

p.s. we’ll be playing at the Jakes on the Beach later that day from 5 til 8pm and Saturday at the Hollywood Organic Brewery on Saturday from 4 – 8pm.

hmmm…as I said, I would post some videos of us playing but Word Press wants to now charge me for a video upgrade ( I guess I can’t blame them, they’re trying to make buck too. ) So for now these pics will have to do…

’til then, be good people, One Love…

write on,

Space Hippie

p.s. tell Nancy Botwin I do regret my decision and I want her back, she knows that.


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