my first guitar…



You never forget your first guitar, so here it is the unexpurgated tale of how I, SPACE HIPPIE STOLE MY FIRST GUITAR! yeah yeah ok so I know I already went over that in PUNK ROCK 101.

( see earlier blog entry titled that by said writer and all will be revealed! )



Ok so now my old middle school teachers who are my Fakebook friends, have read my blog, and now they know for sure it was I who did the dastardly deed. THAT YES I stole one of the fucking guitars from the room where they were stored in OLD MILL MIDDLE SCHOOL. Not sure if it was NORTH or SOUTH ( that damn short term memory loss )

But hey man people were disrespecting them and carving AC/DC RULES in them and shit. I, on the otherhand liberated one them as Prometheus store fire from the gods and thus too became immortal. What happen was this…

One day by chance I walking down the hall by the room where all where all the guitars were kept and I looked around AND NO ONE WAS AROUND…so I ran in and stole one and ran out the side door into the woods. I cut school the rest of the day and got high in the woods, playing it.


p.s. WATCH THIS ( sorry I’m too fucking broke to afford the goddamn video upgrade I used to be able to post videos for free!!! )




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