What don’t me & Bunny get a slice?


So if you’ve been following my blog you know that Miley Cyrus had a Bob Marley cake for her birthday. Yes birthday cakes bearing the likeness of Reggae Superstar Bob Marley, Jamaica’s biggest export, ganja smoking dreadlock rasta Bob Nestor Marley are selling like hotcakes some 30 some years after his death all across suburban America. Marley is now the biggest international recording artist of all time. Of course before he went solo and became mega famous, he was in the Wailers with Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer. I did a Google search and no ones selling birthday cakes bearing their likeness. I doubt that bothers Bunny the last living member one bit. Nice guy I met him backstage once in Miami. But I get the feeling Peter Tosh is pissed!


A book about the Wailers, “ The Natural Mystics “ by Colin Grant just came out. Here is an excerpt:

Bob Marley was the headline act of a musical evening billed as the “ One Love Peace Concert “ in Kingston. Peter Tosh had taken to the stage an hour earlier. In front of the two eminent guardians of the state…

Author’s note: Jamaica, 1978 that would be Michael Manley, affectionately known as  “ Castro’s poodle “  and Edward “ CIAega. “ ( beware strange men bearing footware. )

…he lit an enormous spliff and proceeded to blow the smoke in their faces. Departing wildly from the “ One Love “ script, Tosh’s chosen subject was not peace; it was war. “ Peace “ screamed Tosh, “ is the diploma you get at the cemetery. “ He didn’t want peace, he wanted justice.


It should have come as no surprise. Three years earlier, Tosh had made his stance clear with the anthemic Legalize It. Now with the spliff dangling from his lips, Tosh taunted the politicians and berated them for more than half an hour for their hypocrisy and for refusing to legalize marijuana.

Many have argued that it was a great shame and a terrible mistake. The authorites certainly thought so. It didn’t seem to occur to Peter Tosh – perhaps he didn’t care – that there might be unwelcome consequences to his disrespectful provocation.

The most immediate consequence was a contract from Rolling Stones Records, Mick Jagger had been in the audience and a witness to the stupefying intensity and shock of Peter Tosh’s brilliant and idiosyncratic performance provocation.

paraphrased from – “ The Natural Mystics “ by Colin Grant



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