Can’t Buy Me Love


Can’t Buy Me Love…that’s pretty much what I think I was saying in that last one but you can never really be sure. Consider my blog like a cyber Rorschach Test  for the chosen faithful, those independent free thinking individuals that have nothing better to do while they’re working or at school…how ya’ doing?

So no disrespect to my friends in Cali  I .O.U. for sure. But we got it going on in South Florida. The weather is perfect and we are all getting in the holiday spirit down here. I’m feeling the love in the house. Thanks. Respect.



Hey speaking of Miami Circle Rainbow Family Reunion, I took this picture in Miami on Monday. Just looked out the window and there it was!? Wanna meet up again in Merry Christmas Park this year?


So yes everything really is zen and yes,Virginia there is a Santa Claus and yes, the Pope does smoke dope.

Other than that Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries loves you maaan!

But I don’t have to tell you that do I?

Be good, my shining companions.



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