Sample in a Jar


So this old guy walks into the Doctor’s office and says ” Doc those pills you gave me are working great, I have erections lasting 5 hours just like the commercials say and my wife loves it, the only problem is no matter how hard I try, I can never achieve orgasm, what can I do Doctor it’s driving me crazy! “So the Doctor hands him a glass jar and tells him, ” here take this home and bring back me a sperm sample when I see you next week. ” So a week goes by and the guy walks in the Doctor’s office and hands him an empty jar. The Doctor looks at it and says, ” what’s this? ” The guy replies ” sorry Doc, no matter how hard I tried, I even asked my wife to help, I even asked my neighbor’s wife to help me…” The Doctor cuts him off, ” you asked your neighbor’s wife to help you? ” ” Yeah and none of us could get the lid off…


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