Ann Coulter wrote a book entitled ” DEMONIC, ” where in she labels all liberals demonic. Oh well, everybody knows she’s a whack job. Even Fox News ain’t returning her phone calls anymore. Now labelling me demonic is one thing but don’t call me a liberal Shirley. Sure I played for a benefit for Obama’s ” Get Out The Vote ” but that was only because I thought he would keep his campaign promises of hands off medical marijuana patients in states that had passed voter referendums. Now I’d play a benefit for Obama, ” Get Out the Oval Office. ” We could get Ann Coulter to host it and I’d play her all her favorite Grateful Dead songs.

People have been reading my blog and have been drawing conclusions and seeing things that  just aren’t there. They label me a Liberal, a Commie Pinko, an Anarchist ( no that’s Dave, man. ) So please don’t call me a Liberal or a Democrat or a Republican for that matter. I’m more of an Independent Libertarian. They think I’m anti – this and anti – that. I’m not anti anything. For instance they say I’m anti -American!? Read my blog fool, I say repeatedly that America is the best country in the world. I encourage people to vote. I encourage them to stand up for what they believe in, to exercise their right to free speech and to take an active role in changing things…to be responsible citizens.

People say I’m anti – Capitalist, that I’m part of the Occupy Movement. I don’t know where they are getting any of that. I haven’t wrote one thing about Occupy. ( except that Ann Coulter thing and I didn’t even write it plus she’s just a bitch ) And while I agree with some of the things they are about ( i.e. Corporate Reform, Workers Rights ) actually I’m concerned about the burden they are putting on our already stressed system, the cost of which is being passed on to the American Taxpayer.

People also  say I’m a Peacenik and that I’m anti –War. Hey  I like blowing things up and killing people as much as the next guy. But again I’m concerned about the burden it’s putting on the American Taxpayer. Blowing things up and killing people is expensive man. Let some other country kill people for a change.

And lastly, they say I’m pro – Marijuana and I want to legalize pot. And to that I reply: no shit Sherlock.

” It’s elementary, my dear Watson. ”

write on…

p.s. the Steal Your Face logo is copyrighted by Grateful Dead Merchandizing and I am using it without permission, please ask Bob Weir not to sue me, thanks.


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