Space Hippies!?


If you try to Google search Space Hippie, you’ll have to scroll down a ways but you’ll eventually find this blog, my You Tube Channel, the People’s Court episode, etc. but always at the top of the list is SPACE HIPPIES! Which was a Star Trek episode where they encounter a planet of Space Hippies, titled, ” The Way to Eden, ” it was one of the last episodes of the original series. Capt. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise is ordered to pursue a group of anti-establishment idealists who have stolen a space cruiser and made off for the mythical planet Eden. When the group pushes their stolen ship beyond its limits, the Enterprise is forced to rescue them by transporting them aboard.


Originally broadcast in Februrary 1969, it contains obvious anti-LSD, anti-Hippie messages and the group’s crazed hippie doctor seems to have been based on Timothy Leary! Also notable is the hand gesture Mr. Spock makes. It’s a different one then his usual two fingers spread into a “V” shape. This one is triangular and possibly of Masonic origin. When the group of Space Hippies are impressed by Mr. Spock  who seems to  understand their philosophy, Spock makes an oval “symbol of peace” hand gesture and says: “One.” The group responds with the same gesture: “We are one,” then asks, “are you One, Herbert?” I don’t want to spoil it, watch it on You Tube it’s hilarious, Spock clearly wants “on the bus.”







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