Jarvis Jenkum


Jarvis Jenkum was a Florida cracker who lived in the Panhandle. He was born and raised on a small farm outside of Weewahitchka. Growing up his family was poor so they learned to make do with what they had. He would hunt wild boars that roamed the woods where they lived and his Momma would make her Muscadine wine. Jarvis liked to get high but never had any money to buy weed. One day he heard about people getting high from their bodily wastes.  They would shit and piss in big mason jars and let it sit for days and ferment. When it was ready they’d pop the top and inhale the fumes. Of course it smelled like shit ( duh it was shit! ) and left a really bad taste in your mouth, but you would be high L.A.M.F. even to the point of hallucinating. Jarvis tried it one day and took to it quite regularly. To this day people call this stuff Jenkum in his honor.


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