calling Michael T- shirt


Howdy folks, thanks for reading. Recently I have been inundated with requests for Space Hippie t-shirts. Unfortunately I’m completely out of them. I had printed up about 500 or so with the help of my friend, Michael T-shirt. ( Michael if you’re reading this call me. ) I drew the Space Hippie logo and he made it into a silk screen. Michael is an old Grove hippie that started making t-shirts in the early 70’s. He told me at first it was just him and a friend, silk screening them in his apt. Then one of designs took off. Remember those t-shirts that said “ Smoke Colombian Smoke the Best? ” That was one of his. They sold 1,000’s of them and his company grew. Back when I met him he had factory and a huge warehouse full of horrible oversized glitter tee’s ( it was an 80’s thing. ) He had contracts with Disney and other big companies but all that finally fizzled out. I lost touch with him a few years back but I know he’s still around.

So my t-shirts were professionally silk screened and tye dyed as well, definitely high quality and for the small amount of them we made they sure made a big impact. I gave one to Jack Herer. Dave Wyndorf, the lead singer of Monster Magnet once rocked one. I of course wore one on national television, pot leaves and all when I was on People’s Court. Rachel Goodrich, Miami singer/songwriter ( now in L.A. ) recently told me she wore one all the time back in high school. Another high school girl told me she wore it in her yearbook picture! That makes me proud.


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