today is the 10th anniversary of 9 -11


9-11 was 10 years ago today. I had just flown out of NYC a few days earlier. I was up there taping a People’s Court Episode, Space Hippie vs. Club M. We sued a club in downtown Hollywood on the show ( and won ) after they stiffed us for a gig. We had opted to fly up in the morning , tape the show, and fly back that same night. We were lucky, if we had stayed in town we would have been caught up in the chaos following 9-11.

Ironically when we got back, we found out the hijackers had spent the weekend before the attack drinking at Shuck’ems, another club in downtown Hollywoodthat we played at. They had been throwing money around telling everyone they were pilots. Rumors were they were the same guys selling opiated black Afghani hash and Persian brown, powerful heroin freebase, the same stuff Jerry Garcia got hooked on. Everybody said they were C.I.A. All I know is parts of the official story don’t add up ( Building 7? )

If you remember the mood of the country those first couple of weeks afterwards, people were putting flags on their cars and G.W.’s approval rating was the highest ever. No one was in the mood for talk of conspiracy. Even at the ultra liberal Unitarian Church my talk on 9-11 was given a cool reception. I basically compared it to the Nazi’s Reichstag fire and explained the concept of mass trauma based programming, that William Cooper described as a technique used to condition the sheeple to accept the coming New World Order ( Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, et al ) I also talked about the Bush’s and the Bin Laden’s long time business dealings and Dick Cheney’s efforts to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan when he was C.E.O. of Enron. All this was completely radical at the time but some of it was later proved true in the mainstream media. (check out Rolling Stone’s coverage and Michael Moore’s movie  ” Fahrenheit 9/11 “. )

I don’t regret speaking out but it definitely put me on somebody’s shit list because a few years later the A.T.F. showed up an my night in full S.W.A.T. gear. After searching and finding nothing, they seized my athame ( a knife used in ceremonial magick ) and charged me with possession of a weapon, a violation of my probation. Nowadays I keep my conspiracy theories to myself.


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