Langerado? no… El Gatorado? si…


I hear you guys in the back. More Toad. Bring on the Toad. Hey man when is Smoking Toad going to play Langerado? They’re not. And neither is the Heavy Pets or Rachel Goodrich ( who I wanted to see ) because IT’S CANCELLED YET AGAIN! The last time they tried having it in downtown Miami, it was cancelled too and they never did fully refund the people who bought tickets. I would be doubly pissed if they pulled that same lame shit again. Yes the last Langerado was all that and more. I saw God. He opened up for the Beastie Boys. But he ain’t playing either. Sorry…

Psst see you at this year’s El Gatorado!?  No haters, just gators…and they will eat your ass so be careful, tread lightly leaving only footprints. Oh that’s right you’re playing…call me.

write on…


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