PUFMM if you got ’em!


I’ve got some good news and some bad news…Which one do you want to hear first?

Ok first the good news,
PUFMM, People United For Medical Marijuana ( http://www.PUFMM.org ) have been collecting signatures of registered voters to put medical marijuana on the FL ballot so FL can join the 16 other states that have passed medical marijuana referendums. To get a medical marijuana referendum on the FL 2012 ballot, we must get the required number of signatures, 750,000, by Feb. of next year. Then it can be voted into  law. If all goes well that will be in Nov. of 2012. The bad news is that even if it is voted in, FL will pass medical marijuana referendum just in time for the world to end. Which will be on Dec. 21st, 2012, ( according to the Mayan calendar. ) So if all goes well, medical marijuana will be legalized in the state of FL for approximately 4 ½ weeks. Mark your calendar.

Until then, you can get involved by

a. volunteering to collect signatures and raise funds by contacting PUFMM directly @ www.pufmm.org

b. or by coming to South Florida NORML’s organizational meetings ( wherever that is… )


c. by contemplating your navel ‘til your third eye explodes into vast, everlasting awareness of blissful Cosmic Consciousness rendering all temporal actions null and void ( where prohibited ).



The opinions expressed here are solely those of Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries and they do not represent the views of PUFMM ( People United For Medical Marijuana ), South Florida NORML, or those of rational people everywhere. We are here at Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries advocate the medicinal use of marijuana and in no way condone or support the recreational use of marijuana.The very thought that someone would use marijuana just for their own enjoyment is abhorrent to us.

Thank You


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