SPRUNG!  parts of that spiel were excerpted from a radio interview
I did on WDNA. 88.9 on the Bohemian
with the gracious Grace

We will will be talking about medical marijuana as well as other
things with…



YOGI ( author’s note: FOOL )

here’s some of what you’ll hear…

Q. your card says magician, musician was does that mean?

A. well I think of myself as a mus/gician,  music and magick being the tools of the trade, and not the stage magic of tricks and illusion but real Magick ( capital M with a k ) which is not only about making the external world conform to one’s will but also making one’s will,  be an expression of the true will, what a Taoist might describe as the ” will of heaven “, the Greater Will…

I’m trying to change the world from the inside out!

Q. indeed, how did you get the name Space Hippie?

A. as nickname back in college, I hated it but it stuck and I couldn’t live in down so I decided to make a career out of it…

Q. weren’t you on People’s Court?

A. yeah that was ridiculous, Club M in Hollywoodstiffed the band so we sued them on the show. Judge Milian ( who’s from Miami by the way ) would address me as Space Hippie and the audience would burst out laughing. I was wearing my Space Hippie tye dye t-shirt,when they went to commercial and said “will Space Man get his money tune after these messages “. It was a real Cheech and Chong episode.

Q. you won though, right?

A. oh yeah the guy who owns Club M really stuck his foot in his mouth and the judge let him have it. He ripped us off and he rips bands off all the time.All the local musicians know it and avoid the place. That’s why we all call it Club M. T. it’s always empty!

Q. well let’s talk about your hemp activism…

A. ok well when I was at U.M. I helped form the University of Miami‘s Hemp Awareness Council. We we’re a
student organization dedicated to educating the public about the use of the plant Marijuana/ Cannabis/Hemp as a natural resource for FOOD, FUEL, FIBER, and MEDICINE

The flowering tops maybe been commonly used recreationally but it’s true importance is it’s use as FOOD,

Q. Food?

A. yes the hemp seed protein content is second only to the soybean, a handful of hemp seeds contains a full daily requirement of protein, that is a USDA figure. I’m not just talking about eating the raw seeds, anything that is made from soy can be made from hemp seed. The Hemp Council used to have bake sales. We used to make hemp burgers with hemp cheese. Hemp is can replace meat and dairy in one’s diet. It is the true vegan alternative. Also hemp seeds contain all the essential fatty acids and amino acids like Omega 3’s the people need. It’s also great for the hair, the skin, the digestion…

Q. but what does it taste like?

A. well the oil has a nutty flavor but it’s more neutral like tofu in that it needs to be flavored.

Q. does it get you stoned?

A. no the seed contains miniscule amounts of THC the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high, that’s why hemp food products are available in the U.S. They usually import them from Canada after the seeds are irradiated by the DEA so they won’t grow!.

Q. isn’t the irradiation harmful?

A. that’s a whole another story, of course ideally hemp food products shouldn’t be irradiated.    Canada is utilizing hemp as a natural resource in a big way not just food products, in construction, hair products. It was on the cover of Forbes magazine how Canada’s economy is soaring because of pot! Canadian pot, ounce for ounce is worth more than gold!? We need to start utilizing this natural resource and taxing the revenue! Most people don’t even know it’s FUEL.

Q. it’s fuel?

A. YES! Henry Ford ran a car on biomass hemp fuel in the 30’s and that was the reason it was made illegal in 1937 because of pressure from the petrochemical industries. They didn’t want the competition. Is it coincidence the highest offices in our government are held by former CEO’s of oil companies? Our president just spoke about getting the American people free from their addiction to foreign oil in his state of the union address. ( authors note: that would be G.W. )

Well people this is Space Hippie’s state of the union address. The answer is 100% U.S. homegrown hemp. Did you know this country was founded on hemp?

George Washington was a hemp farmer. So was Thomas Jefferson.The flags Betsy Ross sewed WERE MADE FROM HEMP! The U.S. Constitution was drafted on hemp paper.

There was a time you could pay your taxes with hemp!?

Q. that’s the fiber…

A. Sure, now everybody knows it’s paper and that has real advantages too, less chemicals, longer lasting, plus you can yield 3 times as much paper bi-annually from an acre of hemp as you can from an acre of forest. Bi-annually, twice a year, every year. That forest of old growth trees is gone for years and years and years.

Q. ok let’s talk about medicine

A. everyone knows the people of state of California voted to legalize medical marijuana, Proposition 215 in 1996. Since then 10 other states have passed similar legislation. ( authors note: now it’s 16 states ) In 1997 as Associate Director of the Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana, CAMM, I worked on a FL referendum campaign. Floridais the only southern state that’s state constitution allows the voters to petition to put referendums on the ballot. I traveled the entire state with Elvy Mussika who is one of seven people grandfathered in the federal govt’s Compassionate Use Act ( which was ended during the Bush administration.)  ( author’s note: Bush senior ) She gets 300 joints a month from the  federal govt. to treat her glaucoma.I am not making this up! She get’s 300 joints in this big tin, the most horrible schwag dirt weed.The joke on tour was well Elvy you still got that govt. shit to smoke don’t bogart my joint my friend! It’s just cruel and inhuman punishment. Canadian patients have proved that with high grade marijuana like B.C. bud they only have to smoke a few puffs a day to get relief. Under the U.S.’s Compassionate Use Act, Elvy was prescribed 10 joints a day of schwag!? Also Keep in mind that we’re talking about a schedule one narcotic under fedederal law which means that it has no medical usage EVEN THOUGH THE FEDERAL GOVT. STILL PRESCRIBES IT TO SEVEN PEOPLE!Where are the rest? They are dead. ( author’s note: now there’s only living 4 federal patients )

I think they would be happy if the rest all died too. That was my experience traveling the state, dying AIDS patients being kicked in the head by the cops telling them “die faggot”, little old ladies about to lose their family farm for growing a few scrawny plants on their property for their arthritis, Cancer patients too brainwashed by propaganda to use cannabis when they’re already prescribed things far worse! We saw one county lending another county their helicopter so they could make a bunch of seizures and the afford their own. Particularly in Northern Florida,
it’s still a big growing region. Anyone remember Gainesville Green? We traveled all through the panhandle, you know the redneck Riviera?The Bible belt of FL and guess what? people came out to support us, to sign the petition.

Getting signatures was never hard to do. People want to sign we just don’t have the deep pocket that the other Lobbyists do to pay people to collect signatures, we need volunteers! We’re a grass roots campaign pardon the pun.

( authors note: this interview and CAMM is ancient history now, the deadline to collect the required number of signatures came and went so we had to start all over again AND that rat bastard Jeb Bush passed state laws upping the number of signatures to 700, 000.  ( it was 450,000 then ) so let’s talk about now…

So YES, there is a current FL referendum petiton to get it on the 2012 ballot.

We can do it with your help. You can find the current petition @ www.pufmm.org

PUFMM, People United For Medical Marijuana is a PAC, a political action committee based in Orlando. Look them up, volunteer to collect signatures of all your family and friends, it’s your right to ask people to sign in public places, at the post office, at the library, at the courthouse ( that’s a good place! ) If you are a registered FL voter you can sign. We have until August of 2012 to get the required signatures, so
get to it!


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