cosmic connection


10599126_10153494251649064_8440603614942517490_nWhen I finally got released from jail and made it back to Miami, it was January 1990. Not only did I get not get my job at Filmworks back, it was hard to get any film work because Herr Director McFuckface had blackballed me. I did find a place to live though in South Miami on Manor Lane. One night, I was riding my bike when I heard a voice out of the darkness call my name. A guy I knew stepped out of the bushes  “Long time bro…wanna smoke a bowl? ” When I told him I was looking for a place to rent. He told me his room was available because he was leaving to bike across Australia. He showed me the place that night and I moved in soon after. That’s how I came to reside in what one of the infamous Swami Palaces.They were a bunch of rundown properties that were owned by a Swami, a real one from India. They rented them out to mostly U.M. music students. Swami Palace parties were legendary. I would know I threw more than a few!

I started playing at a place in the Grove that just opened up on Commodore Street, Cosmic Connection. It was a vegetarian café / metaphysical bookstore with live music. It was the shit. I would play solo acoustic out front on the sidewalk, people would read poetry, smoke and drink and get into long convoluted, all night philosophical discussions. Definitely my kind of place. One night someone told me my friend Skylore was looking for me. We had worked together at Potpourri / Athene, a headshop and occult bookstore two summers previously. Her and her friend Ana, ended up quitting and driving to the Rainbow Gathering in Texas with me. That was summer of ’88, and was the last time I had saw her. So we finally hooked up and we talked about organizing a picnic in the park to bring together. At first it was in Alice Wainwright Park off of Bayshore Drive, right next to Viscaya ( later after Hurricane Andrew and the park closed we moved it to Peacock Park. ) This is what  became the Rainbow Picnics that happened every Sunday for years. We called ourselves the Miami Circle. ( coincidence or not? “ The Miami Circle “ a 2,000 year old Tequesta Indian site was discovered a stones throw away from there in 200??? hmmm… )

The Rainbow Picnics were a true flowering of the local scene, full of beautiful people. Anarchists punks and hippies alike sharing food and music surrounded by tropical beauty on the shore of Biscayne Bay. I remember beautiful girls handing out flowers people passing big jugs of wine and joints, and kids running around. Me, Skylore, Vince and Ultra started a newsletter called  “ The Daily Blotter. “ People contributed artwork and poetry. Coconut Grove was a great place to be back then. I played at Cosmic Connection and a dozen other places up and down Commodore Plaza. It’s hard to describe now but the Grove was full of characters back then. Original generation hippies like Michael T-shirt and Peter Rabbit still on the scene. Sunhawk, who lived in a tree and made his money selling his beautiful carvings that he made from discarded wood to tourists. ( I proudly have one of his original works hanging in my living room, a flamingo on the back of an old drawer ) Then there was Chava, Sunshine and Shining Mike, Commie Dave, Rasta Rick, Buddha LouBuddha Lou back when he was still around you know? Me and Lou go way back.


He was married then ( or should I say “ she was married when we first met soon to be divorced. “ ) I would be playing at the Cosmic Connection (  “ music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air…” ) and he and his old lady would stop by and request ” Tangled Up in Blue ” the lyrics of which we later lived through. His wife was a sexy curvaceous Cubanita who wrote poetry. They both were fucking crazy and fought constantly.  Later when they were going through a separation…I guess you can see where this is headed. Yes, that’s when  “Space Hippie had an affair with my wife “ ( his words ) but at the time they had been separated for a year and soon after did get divorced. She used to come by my gig and flirt with me but I told her I didn’t want to get involved ‘til the divorce was final…but I’m only a mortal man and she was mucho caliente. She had wrote me this long love poem and gave me this beaded necklace she made, then one night showed up at mydoor and ended up we making mad passionate love ‘til dawn. That first time was spontaneous and I didn’t use protection. Soo after she told me she thought she was pregnant. I bought one of those home pregnancy tests and it showed  positive. Must besomething wrong with the test, let’s try another brand. Positive. I got her knocked up in one shot!?


I was young and stupid & naïvely in love and thought this all must be meant to be. Even so, I took her to South Miami Regional and got a sonargram. Yep, she was pregnant alright, but the kid was 2 months old, no way it could be mine. She made a tearful confession that she had slept with her not yet ex 2 months ago but it was over between them. “ You got to tell Lou “ I said but she never did. I did. I got all drunk one night and went down to the Cosmic Connection and just blurted it all out. “ Yeah, we slept together but she pregnant and it’s your kid. “ Soon after she supposedly had a miscarriage but we both suspect she had an abortion. I have a hard time believing she didn’t know she was pregnant when she showed up at my door and that she basically planned to trick me thinking I was the father. Unfortunately I got involved in some weird karmic love triangle that took me several years to get over.

*Guys my advice for you is that not only wear a condom at all times but also consult a lawyer before even asking them out for a  date!  ha ha

You know the funny part is me and Buddha Lou stayed friends. He likened it to George Harrison  and ol’ Slowhand Clapton, him being the George. I later ended up working for his company L.E.R. Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources that was the first to import rare shamanic plants from the Amazon like salvia divanorum. I was the company guinea pig. I’ve lost touch with him but I hear he still goes around telling people “ Space Hippie had an affair with my wife! “  And the Rainbow Picnics? They stopped happening in the late 90’s but if anybody’s up for a Rainbow Family Reunion just let me know. Bring your wife.



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