The song “Pooter” by Rudy came up on my Ipod shuffle this morning, so I don’t care if Mercury just went retrograde, it going to be a great day!

hear here: \” Pooter \”

So I just flew into Miami yesterday…and boy are my arms tired. But seriously folks, I flew into town and to put me in the 80’s mood to write my blog, I rented a boxed set of Miami Vice on DVD. I asked them if they had it on VHS but they just laughed at me. Do any of you have any idea how hard all this will be to understand to people in the future? Just a bunch of two and three letter meaningless acronyms, “ Before we could telepathically watch movies directly in our minds eye (and be in them as well!) primitive storage devices were invented to store the sounds and images. Some were disc like, others were square. Ultimately all were rendered obsolete even though some humans still clung fondly to the old ways. A bogus form of music storage called MP3 sparked a revolt amongst the youth who protested that not only was the sound quality inferior but there was no gate fold sleeve on which to clean your dope.”

“ MTV? …no MP3!”

“ say what? …nevermind “

So anyway I rented Miami Vice but when I got home, I found out it was a boxed set of season #5, wherein Sonny Crockett, ( the redoubtable Don Johnson ) while deep undercover undergoes some sort of amnesiac psychotic break  and forgets that he is not a murderous ( is that a word? ) bad guy but actually a cop pretending to be one to bust people who are. Are you with me so far? Yeah I didn’t think so…ha ha even I am not with me at this point. Needless to say, by season #5 Miami Vice had “ jumped the shark “ in a big way. As if any of this had a point…oh yeah to put me in the 80’s mood to write my blog!

The Bloggiest of the all the bloggiest blog blogs!

Space Hippie Worldwide Ministries, where will I recount  fond memories and amusing anedotes and dish the dirt on South Florida’s music scene in the 80’s to today. We will also explore the physical and/or socio-political ramifications of kundalini release ( don’t try this at home kids! ), The whole alien invasion/conspiracy conumdrum and ponder why humans with all there folly and their glory will always come upright in face of the darkest adversary ( as in weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. ) Welcome my friends to the show that never ends…it’s great to be back, so sit back and enjoy the ride.


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