sorry to leave you all hanging…

so where was I? ok so there I was face down in the grass, the cop’s got his gun pointed to the back of my head and he says ” freeze, you are under arrest”. They caught the other guys too, except one that got away. He jumped a wall and broke his hand. He made it all the way back to Mahoney ( our dorm ) and was taking a shower when they caught up with him. They took us to a mini station on campus and they handcuffed us to these chairs. We were all a bag of toys. The cops were like ” what are we going to do with you guys? ” They caught us redhanded in a hot wired van. They had no choice, we were going downtown.

Dade County jail sits in downtown Miami. In this mid 80’s it was packed to overflowing largely due to the Cocaine Cowboys that were waging gun battles in the streets not to mention the influx of all the Marielitos. In 1980, Castro emptied out the prisons and mental institutions in Cuba and put them on a boat and sent them to Miami ( remember the movie Scarface starts with Tony Montana getting off the boat ). On a sweltering hot Saturday night believe me Dade County Jail was hopping. The holding cell was packed to the gills with hardened criminals mostly blacks and hispanics and here comes these suburban white kids. I was wearing white corduroys for chrissakes! We walked in there like that scene out of Stir Crazy where Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder saunter in going ” that’s right, we bad, we bad… ”

They took one look at us and said ” hell no, what are you boys in for ? ” “Grand Theft Auto…” “They audibly gasped and stepped back from us, ” that’s some bad shit you boys  are going to prison for a long, long time. ” Things were looking pretty grim.


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